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Project Description

India is a country of the Youth. More than 50% of our population is in the age group of 15 to 40 years. This young India represents a vast pool of skills and talent.

While we have amazing talent in every conceivable area – engineering, medicine, computer sciences, management, finance, you name it – our youth needs to talk the international language of business to be successful – English. No nation in the world that wishes to be a part of the international community, can afford to remain aloof from English. Elixir understands this and has taken definitive measures over the last decade to bring about a positive change for the youth of India in this vital area.

Elixir imparts vital skills in the area of Spoken English that will enable our youth to maximize their abilities in their careers. Elixir has a crucial role to play in empowering India’s youth to realize their dreams.

To transform our vision into a reality, we intend to set up more than 1000 centers all over the country to cater to the needs of our youth to meet the future challenges.

All Elixir training programs are thoroughly researched into and designed by experts from the in-house R&D Division.

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Customized For Quick Learning

Foundation Level

The mindset of students at this level is “I do not speak English”.

At this level we change their mindset by exposing them to around 750 words, which are very easy to learn and understand. Students also overcome the phobia of language and gain confidence by practicing simple expressions of welcoming the guest, greetings, asking permission, wishing good luck etc. and elementary role plays.

At the end of this course, the students can understand and speak a few things in English with everyday expressions.

This level is of 25 sessions, each session is for 90 minutes.

Beginners’ Level

Students attending this level now have a positive approach and thought process “I can understand and communicate in English in familiar situations but with some difficulty.”

At this level students are further exposed to essential vocabulary of 950 words. They also learn to construct simple sentences with the help of enacting role plays and narrating stories.

At the end of this course, the students can understand the main points of a conversation and converse with the help of simple sentences in routine tasks.

This level is of 25 sessions, each session is for 90 minutes.

Intermediate Level

Students have basic vocabulary and knowledge of tenses. They can understand and speak reasonably well in routine conversations but have problem with usage of tenses and complex sentences.

Students at this level, learn essential vocabulary of around 3000 words and construct complex sentences. Lot of practise is done through interesting activities.

After completion of this level, students can understand and use correct tenses while speaking. They achieve a certain degree of fluency and do not falter in interactive situations.

This level is of 25 sessions, each session is for 90 minutes.

Advanced level

Students have now overcome their negativity and can confidently speak and express their thoughts precisely. But they still fumble in unfamiliar situations and lengthy conversations.

Students at this level, learn idiomatic English and they are also exposed to public speaking through various interesting activities like dramas, reviews, extempore speeches, interviews etc.

After completion of this level, students can use language flexibly and effectively during social, academic and professional situations.

This level is of 25 sessions, each session is for 90 minutes.

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