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Project Description

Skill development is one of the key focus areas of the Government of India. India has large young population, only 10% of the Indian labour forces – 8% informally and 2% formally have acquired vocational skills. About 63% of the school students drop out at different stages reaching class- X. This signifies that a large number of school drop outs do not have access to education or have relevant skills for improving their employability. On the other side, there is an availability of 12.8 million jobs. As per estimates of 2011, in India there is a skill gap of about 244 million across various sectors.

Elixir has participated in this area and is conducting various courses with government tie ups.

Elixir offers a range of job oriented vocational courses that impart specific skills to individuals to make them valuable to employers and meet the expectations of the business and industry fraternity.

The courses specialised courses in Retail Trade and Sales, Domestic BPOs, Basic Accounting, Domestic Electrical repairing.

The most important aspect of Elixir training programs is that they are backed 100% by training in the relevant Soft Skills, Spoken English and Typical vocabulary for the particular program. This is what makes Elixir Vocational Training Programs a cut above the rest.

Candidates who have ready skills, and at the same time, can communicate fluently and know how to interact with people confidently and meaningfully, are the ones who get priority by employers

Thanks to our soft skills programs that support and add value to our vocational programs, Elixir students enjoy the competitive edge over the rest.

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