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Project Description

Basic Accounting Course

Course Duration: 225 hours (3 months): 3 hours daily for 6 days a week

The Basic Accounting Course helps an individual to achieve skills in the latest IT accounting techniques, which help an individual to make decisions based on financial information. 

This course also includes communication and interpersonal skills development module, which goes a long way in developing an individual personality and grabbing better job opportunities.
It will teach individuals how to become more effective and efficient when performing accounting duties. In accounting courses, students may examine such topics as financial statement analysis, investments, international finance and banking. This will also focus on how accounting is related to other business operations, providing students with a well-rounded approach to accounting

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

During the financial year, 2009, the IT-BPO industry aggregated revenues of USD 60 billion and generated direct employment for over 2.23 million people. Even after the financial meltdown, the export sector shall still witness double digit growth. Simultaneously, domestic BPO, which is less affected by financial meltdown, is expected to grow at 20%. The size of opportunity can be gauged from the fact that India currently accounts for just over 4 percent of the technology related expenses incurred worldwide. Which is of interest to note is that the growth in global sourcing is estimated to be four times that of technology related expenditure.

Course Description: 450 hours (6 months):- 3 hours daily for 6 days a week.

This course prepares a student by helping him/her develop the skills required by the BPO industry. The course covers the Basics of English Grammar, Pronunciation and Writing skill, Communication skills, Telephone Etiquette and Interview Handling Skills in detail. The course not only acquaints the learner with American and British Idioms, but also makes him/her aware of the common English errors. It also guides the learner to handle customer complaints and thereby build customer relationship.

Course Objective: The course, on one hand, helps a student to improve his language, thereby enabling him to speak English like a native speaker. On the other hand, the course introduces the learner to the basic fundamentals of Customer Relationship Management in a Call Centre environment. This course is ideal for a Call Centre aspirant. The course uses a holistic approach to improve a student’s Basic English speaking skills as well as covers the basics of Customer Service, Call Handling Strategies, Effective Listening Skills, Telephone Etiquette and Handling different types of customers. Apart from this, the course also provides mastery test and end-of-the-course assessment.

Certificate programme in Retail Management

450 hours (6 months):- 3 hours daily for 6 days a week.

The Retail Industry is the second largest employer after agriculture currently employing more than 35 million people. The retail industry engulfs a wide section of industries ranging from food and grocery; farm and agricultural products; fashion and lifestyle; automobiles and transport goods; home and interior etc. and has been growing at a steady pace. INDIA is considered to be the 5thmost attractive market destination for retail globally. Growing at a consistent pace 22% PA, retail accounts for 22% of India’s GDP

The certificate program is the right course for aspirants who would like to become retail professionals at supervisory levels and those who own or manage a retail business. The 6 month program will introduce participants to various aspects of professional retailing. The curriculum has been designed by a team of Retail professionals and includes sessions in theory and practical applications in a balanced measure

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