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Project Description

Vocabulary Vitamin Workshop

Words are the basic raw material for communication. An enriched vocabulary improves all areas of communication – speaking, listening, reading and writing.

This program covers vocabulary of around 300 words pertaining to physique, nature, food and taste, media, corporate world etc. Students not only learn the meaning of the words but also the connotation it conveys. This enables them to use the words appropriately.
When students improve their vocabulary, their academic confidence and social competence improves.

This workshop is of 6 sessions, each session is for 90 minutes.

Personality Development Workshop (PDW)

The impression created by the well-groomed person with robust physique is only short lived. This impression will soon fade away if the Inner Personality is not strong. To create a lasting impression and to rise in career, both inner and outer personality should be strengthened.

Our PDW ensures above. At the beginning, students undergo a “Personality analysis test” which creates an awareness of their strengths and weaknesses. This plays a vital role while goal setting, developing positive attitude, time management, stress management and human relations.

This course makes you confident, stand apart from the rest and get appreciated and respected wherever you go.

This workshop is of 6 sessions, each session is for 90 minutes.

Interview Skills Workshop (IS)

Looking for a job can be one of the most stressful and exciting times in a person’s life. Interview skills, therefore, is the most important in your job search.

The process of interview starts right at the time of resume writing. Students get valuable inputs about how to prepare an effective resume, how to research the company, vital aspects of power dressing, etiquette, manners and body language.

Answering questions during an interview is an art which creates good impression about the candidate. Many qualified young candidates are not aware of these aspects and hence they get rejected in spite of their talent.

Learning above essential skills helps you to excel in an interview and land your dream job.

This workshop is of 6 sessions, each session is for 90 minutes.

Body Language, Etiquette & Manners and Style (Power dressing) (BEST)

We use body language to supplement what we want to say by gesturing, moving or even giving some facial expressions. Body language is a part of communication. It makes up most of what we want to communicate. Etiquette and manners are important to make a good impression on others. They also help you to feel good about yourself and your identity.

An individual’s dressing sense speaks volumes of his character and personality. Dress smartly because it is said that “First impression is the last one”.

Elixir has introduced an innovative workshop on body language, mannerism and power dressing. In this workshop students learn the secrets of elegant and appealing body language, graceful and civilized etiquette and impeccable mannerism and modest but eye catching power dressing. The above aspects have a charming and charismatic impact on others.

This workshop is of 6 sessions, each session is for 90 minutes.

Presentation Skills and Email writing (PNE)

If your career matters to you, develop your presentation skills. Presentation and public speaking skills are “learnt” skills – by working on these skills any person can learn to present with confidence. Unless you learn to write clear, professional and intelligent emails, you will be forever stuck at the bottom of the career ladder. Your ability to write emails will have a huge influence on your career path and promotions. Effective email writing skills communicate intelligence, professionalism and competency. Writing effective emails is a skill. It’s the one you can learn and practise too.

Considering these needs, Elixir has launched a workshop about how to give a commendable presentation and write an effective e-mail. This enables students to give an impressive presentation in a bold manner and write an e-mail with confidence.

This workshop is of 6 sessions, each session is for 90 minutes.

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