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In the present era of fast developing technology, all equations of education, employment, trade and business are undergoing radical changes. Technology, especially communication technology, has transformed the world into a “Global Village”. India is a country of youth and talent. But unless we adapt to these changes effectively, the talent of our youth cannot be productively utilised. Knowledge is expanding at an intimidating speed. In this present Era of Knowledge, our youth has to grasp “English” and keep themselves updated. This is necessary for them to exploit the golden opportunities presented by “The Globalisation”. Hence it has become imperative for one and all to master English language. Elixir is playing a vital role in educating our youth this Language of Knowledge i.e. “English”.

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“I wanted to fluent in English , so joined online classes. Everyday they used to take interactive activities which helped me a lot to improve my communication skill.
I am very thankful to this class.”

Apurva Bartakke